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Why KLM Property Tax Solutions?

KLM Property Tax Solutions is a turn-key service provider for property owners in managing their annual property tax liability. We not only represent property owners in the process of appealing their real property valuation, we also offer consultation services regarding other aspects of real property taxation such as legal residence, agricultural assessments, and developers discounts. Our staff is made up of valuation experts, former employees of local taxing authorities, state licensed appraisers, and experts in finance and accounting. We work closely with various law firms as well as local assessor's to keep up to date on the ever changing property tax code because knowledge is the key to success with any property tax appeal.

Minimizing your Risk!

Our property tax advisors understand your perceived risks.

  • Financial Risk
  • Performance Risk
  • Time Risk

Financial Risk

How can we deliver on a product that drives the outcome of lower property taxes for you? Very simply -- our pricing model, which consists of a small engagement fee with a contingency fee. Incentives drive the behavior that affects the outcome. Our fee structure aligns our interest with yours - lower property taxes. Many firms waive engagement fees in an attempt to sign up as many properties as possible, then selectively pick and choose the easiest appeals. A No Change in the market value may be a result of the lack of effort from the property tax appeal firm. Our property tax advisors offer a free consultation to determine whether or not an appeal of your property would be advantageous. Unlike our competitors, we audit the feasibility of a tax appeal. If an appeal is not warranted, we will advise you as such. If an appeal is warranted, you can trust that your property tax advisor will handle your appeal with the expertise and professionalism required to secure the reduction you're entitled to.

Performance Risk

Our experienced advisors have the expertise to get the best reduction for our clients. Our advisors have long-standing relationships with many of the county tax representatives giving them an advantage during negotiations.

Time Risk

The appeal process is inherently long with some jurisdictions taking up to 18 months to complete. There are many steps beginning with the appeal being filed and possibly ending with the appeal going before Administrative Law Court/Circuit Court/Superior Court. Your property tax advisor will handle the appeal process from start to finish which requires little or no effort on your part giving you peace of mind.